Monday, 23 March 2009

Sharjah Biennial - Curator's Workshop

16th March - 20th March 2009
Shamsi House

The Curator's Workshop took place in Sharjah, U.A.E., timed to coincide with Art Dubai and the Sharjah Biennial between Monday 16 March and Friday 20 March 2009.

The participants attended discussion groups and events for three days during that week.

The series of workshops focused on three key areas:
Commissioning artists and artworks – the process of commissioning artists and artworks from concept to realisation.
Building institutions – from building capital infrastructure to developing an organisation's intellectual capital.
Dialogue and exchange – the relationships between institutions and audiences, between the private and the 'public' sectors and between the national and international.

The programme was led by Gilane Tawadros and Mark Waugh with contributions from other international curators and arts professionals. Our group of Middle Eastern Curators was made possible with the support of the World Collections Fund.

Partipants included:

Andrea Schlieker: Folkstone Triennial, Elisabetta Fabrizi: BFI, Haig Aivazian: Artist and Independent curator Dubai, Kyla Mcdonald: Tate London, Mayssa Fattouh: Independent curator Swissland, Laura Mousavi: Permanent Gallery Brighton, Julia Waugh: Photographer, Paula Orell: Plymouth Arts Centre, Pier Vegner Tosta: Independent Cuartor London, Yasmina Reggad: Independent Curator London, Mark Waugh: A Foundation London, Gilane Tawadros: Independent curator, DAKS, Judith Nesbit: Tate London, Jiyoon Lee: Independent Curator, Wassan Al-Khudhairi: Independent Curator, Julie Lomax: Arts Council England, Francis Morris: Tate London, Sidonio Costa: Independent Curator, Flik Allan: Independent Curator, Reem Shillah: Independent Curator, Ala Younis: Artist and filmmaker, Vali Mahlouji: Independent Curator, Reem Fadda: Independent Curator, Shahira Issa: Independent Curator, Osman Bozkurt: Independent Curator, Didem Ozbek: Independent Curator, Lara Khaldi: Sharjah Biennial and Jack Persekian: Sharjah Biennial.

photos © Julia Waugh.