Monday, 14 September 2009

The ICF At The 11th International Istanbul Biennial

12 September 2009
Akbank Culture and Arts Centre
Istiklal Caddesi 14-18
34435 Beyoglu

In the opening week of the 11th Istanbul Biennial, ICF continues its collaboration with international curators through a symposium, as part of its AFTER IMAGE season, using the Biennial’s theme, What keeps Mankind Alive, as a contextual reference and starting point.

This was inspired by A journey Without Return, a book of poems by the celebrated Turkish writer and political figure Nazim Hikmet, using the poems’ themes of migration to look at the influence of Turkish migration on contemporary art. It explores the ‘Gastarbeiter’ programme and its effect in the UK, Germany and Turkey, through which Turkish workers were invited by Western European countries based on their need for economic development.

This process has given birth to complex, hybrid family structures as well as blurring the concepts of identity and nationality. It has redefined lifestyles, tastes and social relationships. In What keeps Mankind Alive the artists, many of whom are migrants themselves, highlight the personal experience, the realities and connections between migrant communities and places.

In an event hosted by Akbank Culture and Arts Centre, curators and artists of the exhibition – Adam Chodzko, Alice Sharp, Peter Cross, Denizhan Ozer and Zineb Sedira – will be in discussion with David A Bailey.

The programme of ICF is supported by the Arts Council of England.