Thursday, 18 February 2010

Alexandria Biennale - Curator's Workshop

Alexandria Biennale
Ministry of Culture
Fine Arts Sector
1 Kafour Street
Orman Post

Alexandria Art Museum
Alexandria Atelier

The Second Curators' Workshop in Alexandria, during the Bienniale from 17th until 20th of December 2009.

Our selected curators will attend a three day series of events and have the opportunity to present their proposals for further projects to the group. There will be both formal and informal discussions that explore ideas around artistic practice and curation.

The first edition of the Alexandria Biennale was held in 1955 at the Alexandria Museum of Fine Arts. Its aim is to fortify the cultural and artistic dialog between Egypt and its neighboring Mediterranean countries extending it to the world as well.

This year the Alexandria Biennale celebrates its 25th anniversary, and it is the first time that the artists' selection is entirely decided by the curator and not through countries' nominations like in former editions.

Mohamed Abouelnaga has selected 31 artists from the Mediterranean region and proposed for the exhibition the theme The Aftermath, in the sense of "What’s Next" facing the latest crises and economic collapses.

Shahira Issa: Independent Curator, Andrea Schlieker: Folkstone Triennial, Elisabetta Fabrizi: BFI London, Haig Aivazian: Artist and Independent curator Dubai, Kyla Mcdonald: Tate London, Mayssa Fattouh: Independent curator Swissland, Laura Mousavi: Permanent Gallery Brighton, Paula Orrell: Plymouth Arts Centre, Pier Vegner Tosta: Independent Cuartor London, Yasmina Reggad: Independent Curator London, Tina Sherwell: Art School Palestine, Kaelen Goldie-Wilson; Independent curator Beirut.