Saturday, 20 August 2011

Our Magic Hour

YOKOHAMA 2011 Our Magic Hour

Extra Sensory

From Gutai through Fluxus, to contemporary artists such as, Sachiko Abe and Tatsumi Orimoto Japan is a crucible of innovative and challenging performance and media art. In the context of the thematic strategy of the Yokohama Triennale The ICF convened a series of workshops, meetings and symposium during the opening of the 2011 Triennale to to explore the legacy and future of performance internationally.
Our venue was Noge hana hana in the old city of Yokohama.

Day One : 05.08.11
Workshop 9.30-11.30 | The future is disturbed.
The first workshop was facilitated and moderated by Mark Waugh and translated with support from the Japanese curator Fumiwo Imawoto. With screenings of works and conversation to explore the ways in which artists and curators conceive of the relationship between the artwork and its mediation and how curators working with museums can expand exhibitions beyond the gallery and traditional taxonomies of order.
Keiichi Miyagawa ( Director Gallery Soap ) what is a medium or Futures for Art Museums?

Meiro Koizumi ( Artist )will discuss the animation of the uncanny in his performances.

Nicola Hood. ( Director Spacex Gallery)What is the future of performance in the museum?

Yelena Gluzman ( Director Science Project) Performance Problem Presents. What is the context of performance in Japan?

Day Two 06.08.2011

ONE: The legacy of Performance: Culture, counter culture, from elites to everyone.
Tatsumi Orimoto (Artist), Masafumi Fukagawa (Curator Kawasaki City Museum): Moderator Mark Waugh.

TWO: How to add one metre to an unknown Mountain or how to perform within a physical and political landscape?
Adelaide Bannerman ( Curator); Ben Ponton (Director Amino) and Blanca de la Torre ( Senior Curator Artium)

THREE: Translated Acts or the impact of curators on the geography of art.
Paul Domela ( Director of Programmes Liverpool Biennial); David A Baily (Director ICF): Sally Lai (Director of Chinese Arts Centre).

DAY Three 07.08.2011
Workshop 10.00 12.00 | Curators have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.
The second workshop explored the role of the curator as a catalyst for infrastructure transformation and how to implement cultural change. It was also the scene of a site specific performnce by artist Kimball Bumstead.

Tom Trevor ( Director Arnolfini) Can artworks survive the gallery?
Anthony Gross ( Director the Old Police Station)Is a DIY vision sustainable?
Sook Kyung Lee ( Curator Tate Liverpool) Why do we collect the ephemeral?